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    Fan Friday: Keith Asher and his Dream Camaro |

    Fan Friday: Keith Asher and his Dream Camaro |

    Welcome back to another Fan Friday here at! Today, we're shining the spotlight on Keith Asher and his incredible 2024 Camaro 2SS 1LE.

    Keith's story is one of perseverance and a little bit of luck. Like many Camaro enthusiasts, he's always dreamed of owning one of these iconic muscle cars. But practicality and timing often put those dreams on hold. When Chevrolet announced that 2024 would be the final year for the sixth-generation Camaro, Keith knew it was now or never.

    He wasted no time and headed straight to his local dealer, setting his sights on a 2SS Collector's Edition. Months passed, but there was no allocation for his dream car. Determined, Keith placed a second order at a different dealer, this time for a 2SS 1LE. But then, the ultimate blow – GM stopped taking orders altogether. Keith's dream seemed to have vanished.

    Disappointed but not defeated, Keith held onto a sliver of hope. Just two hours after learning that both dealerships wouldn't be getting his desired build, his phone rang. It was one of the dealers! Someone else's order had fallen through, and the car was unexpectedly available. Keith didn't hesitate – he jumped on the opportunity and finally secured his dream Camaro.

    Keith's story reminds us that sometimes, a little patience and a dash of good fortune can lead you exactly where you want to be. Now, he gets to experience the thrill of owning a piece of Camaro history – a 2024 2SS 1LE with a glorious 6-speed manual transmission!

    Calling all Camaro Fanatics!

    Do you have a story like Keith's? Is your Camaro your pride and joy? We'd love to hear from you and feature you on a future Fan Friday! Send your story and the best photos of your Camaro to We can't wait to see your ride!

    P.S. Looking to add some extra shine to your Camaro? Look no further than, the #1 retailer for Camaro parts and accessories! We have everything you need to make your Camaro turn heads, just like Keith's!

    We at want to thank Keith for sharing his story and passion for Camaros with us. We wish him many happy miles behind the wheel of his incredible 2024 2SS 1LE!

    Camaro's Last Lap? Chevrolet Aims for Daytona 500 Glory |

    Camaro's Last Lap? Chevrolet Aims for Daytona 500 Glory |

    This year marks the final chapter for the Camaro, at least in its current form. With Chevrolet's future plans in NASCAR remaining under wraps, speculation runs rampant. Rumors have suggested the Corvette or Malibu wouldn't be entering the Cup Series, leaving no apparent sedan substitute for 2025 and beyond (as of now).

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