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    Best Camaro Car Covers Guide |


    Areas to consider when selecting a cover:

    Where will the car be stored? (indoors, outdoors, both, etc.) What kind of hazards will be around the car? What kind of climate do you live in? (Rain, Snow, extreme sun, etc.) Design (Holda has logos, some covers have multiple colors, etc.) Budget (M Covers vs. custom Covercraft) Waterproof vs. water-resistant Fitment (universal vs. custom-fit)

    Give rankings of our covers in rain protection, UV protection, dust protection, ding protection, inner liner softness

    Waterproof cover will do more damage than water resistant with breathability. Will trap in water and force it to seep into the clearcoat

    Many entry-level indoor covers use polypropylene material for the inner liner, not the softest. Next step up is a polycotton material. Absolute best is nylon fleece, cotton flannel, or 100% cotton. (covercraft polycotton is good if you can get back up; coverking satin stretch is good)

    How To Choose The Right Car Cover


    Camaro Car Cover Selection Guide

    Choosing the right car cover for your needs can be a bit overwhelming with all of the options out there. We offer 25+ car cover options for your Camaro, and we want to make it easier for you to pick one.

    But where to start? We have 5 main areas that should be considered when choosing a cover for your Camaro. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at all 5, and provide our recommendations for which covers to choose based on your needs.

    Where will your Camaro car cover be used?

    One of the best ways to narrow down your options is to first decide where your car cover will be used. If only being used in a garage or showroom, you can already eliminate all outdoor car covers. If you know your Camaro will be sitting outside, or there is a possibility that it will be, you can eliminate all indoor car covers. Just remember, an outdoor car cover can be used indoors, but an indoor car cover can't be used outdoors!

    What kind of hazards will be around your Camaro?

    Whether storing your Camaro indoors or outdoors, knowing what kind of hazards are around the car is important. We commonly refer to this topic as "ding protection." If your car sits in a garage, are there bikes or ladders nearby that could fall over and ding your car? If your car sits outside, is there a tree nearby that could drop pine cones or tree branches on your car? If you answered yes to any of these, you may want to consider a multi-layer, thick cover that offers great ding protection. If your car sits far away from any hazards, maybe you can afford to go with a thinner, lighter cover that may look more appealing.

    Here are our picks for best ding protection on indoor covers:

    Coverking Moving Blanket Covercraft 5-Layer Indoor

    What kind of climate does your Camaro live in?

    If choosing an outdoor car cover, the climate you live in should be a major point of focus. Some climates are known for copious amounts of rain, some are known for dry but incredibly sunny weather, and some areas just have a moderate climate. Knowing a cover's ability to withstand rain or UV rays is very important.

    Many outdoor covers are designed to perform great in one or two areas, without focusing on the others. For example, some covers are designed to reflect UV rays very well but don't perform as well in rainy conditions. There are a few bullet-proof covers designed to stand up to all of the elements, but these covers generally end up on the expensive side.

    Here are our top choices for sunny climates:

    Covercraft Sunbrella Coverking Autobody Armor Covercraft Ultra'tect

    Here are our recommendations for rainy areas:

    Covercraft Weathershield HD Coverking Autobody Armor Covercraft Weathershield HP

    These are our favorites for moderate climates:

    Coverking Triguard Covercraft 3-Layer Moderate Climate Coverking Coverbond4

    How do you want your Camaro to look while covered?

    For some Camaro owners, performance is the only thing that matters when it comes to a car cover. However, some car people want their baby to look good, even while sleeping under a cover. With this in mind, we have some recommendations on the best-looking covers that we offer.

    Our first recommendation is the Holda line of indoor covers. These covers feature each generation's Camaro crossed flags logo on the front so everyone will know what you have hiding in the garage. Of course, these covers are officially licensed by General Motors.

    While most Holda covers only come in black, some of our Covercraft and Coverking covers are available in your choice of colors so you can create your own look.

    Here are our recommendations for colorful outdoor covers:

    Covercraft Weathershield HP Covercraft Ultra'tect

    Here are our recommendations for colorful indoor covers:

    Coverking Satin Stretch Covercraft Form-Fit