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    Don’t let the silky texture and unbeatable good looks of Lloyd Mats Velourtex Floor Mats fool you — these interior accessories are one of the most practical upgrades you can make. Their computer-driven, custom cut not only guarantees a flawless fit, but also the edge-to-edge protection for your factory floorboards need.

    Despite their friendly price, Lloyd Velourtex Floor Mats boast top-shelf quality. Equipped with a heavier, denser pile than their factory counterparts, Lloyd Velourtex Mats are crafted from premium, 20oz nylon yarn, resulting in that luxuriously smooth, silky feel. These quality Velourtex Mats feature the same multi-layer backing as some of Lloyd’s higher-end custom mats, and are equipped with the brand’s trademark, rubber non-skid, TractionBac, that safeguards your stock carpeting from stains and damage from moisture.

    Not only do these Velourtex Floor Mats from Lloyd deliver top-notch protection, but they also revitalize your interior’s style. You can fully customize your front floor mats with logos and embroidery — pick from a wide range of officially licensed logos, or even have your own initials embroidered on them. With OEM-matched colors to choose from, your mats can easily match or accent your factory carpeting.

    Lloyd Mats Velourtex Floor Mats are easy to take in and out of your vehicle, thanks to their custom-fit design. Best of all, they don’t slide or bunch while you drive, since each mat is equipped with Lloyd Mats’ anchors or factory-compatible mat fasteners. All Lloyd Mats Velourtex Floor Mats are backed by a 3-year warranty against defects in design, workmanship and materials.

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