The Camaro Seat Towel Contest Giveaway

The Camaro Seat Towel Contest Giveaway

It's time for another Giveaway! We're excited to offer you the opportunity to win a set of Camaro Seat Towels as our first in a series of Giveaways honoring the Last Generation of Camaro.  

Live hard and play hard without destroying your Camaro's seats!  These Seat Armour Camaro Car Seat Towels are easy to install and protect your seats from even the most difficult stains, odors, spills and more! Best of all - they're compatible with ANY Camaro!  

If you've got kids, pets, or a busy/active lifestyle this is the product for you.  Keep your seats as new as the day you got them, all while showing off your loyalty and pride for Camaro!  So don't wait, entries close April 30th - enter now!


Please Note

  • Once entering, you’ll receive an email that you’ll need to confirm for finalizing your entry.
  • Be sure to add to your safe senders list within your email service provider to ensure you'll receive future emails.
  • Enter for your chance to win, plus be sure to share with friends and family where you’ll receive bonus entries for each person who enters from your special link!
  • You can also do things like follow on social media to receive additional bonus entries.


Protect your Camaro seats with the patented SEAT ARMOUR™ Car Seat Towel

  • Live hard! Play hard! And don't mess up your car seats!
  • Protects seats against stains, odor, perspiration, spills, odor, pet dander, scratches, and other substances.
  • Easily slides down over headrest to form fit seat.
  • Made of 100% cotton terry/velour that is soft to touch; machine washable.
  • Multi-functional:
  • For working out at the gym; going to the beach, park, or stadium;
  • For pet owners;
  • Protects against baby and child spills;
  • For drivers and passenger's who eat on the go;
  • Protect you wherever you go!
  • Shows off your loyalty and personality!
  • Our patented Seat Armour™ Car Seat Towel is a must have when it comes to automotive and personal accessories!
  • Color: Grey, Giveaway contains Set of 2

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